Parents Testimonials


I must say, I had a wonderful time at Pinefield today. I am glad that I took the time to attend. I particularly love seeing the kids in the foundation school, there is a beautiful chaos whenever they are together. Mina’s piano rendition was beautiful. Whenever I visit the school I discover a new sense of respect for the work that the Directress and the staff put into bringing the kids up. May God continue to direct your path.


Mr Robert John

Year 1

July 2021


Thank you Mrs. Fadipe for the beautiful graduation ceremony and the choice of a fabulous Guest Speaker today.  Inspiring for both the students (my Jordan) included graduating today and his classmates.


Thank you for everything and God bless us all as we navigate together our children’s future. Amazing day and amazing memories.


Mrs Sonia Usmar

Year 11 Parent

6th July 2021


We are forever grateful to Pinefield for equipping our children with life skills and most importantly in the fear of God.


Mr Mapugwana

Year 6 Parent

8th July 2021



I thank the Almighty God, the blessed and only Potentate of the Universe for allowing me to be a part of Pinefield schools and for  Mrs Fadipe for the privilege to work in schools. You are indeed a great role model of dedication, hard work, meticulousness and excellence. May the Lord continue to uphold you in Jesus Name.

Thank you Mr. Tunde for always challenging us to put in our best efforts to achieve the right results.

And to everyone thank you for being wonderful colleagues.

Finally let us remain steadfast in the Lord as we continue to work either in Pinefield or elsewhere, and when the roll is called up yonder, may we all be joyfully present in Jesus Name🙏


Mr Rufus Adebola

Geography/History/RE Teacher

Pinefield College

2013 – July 2021



Dear Mrs Fadipe,

I have been searching for the right words to show my appreciation to you, however, it’s obvious that words will definitely fail me.

Thank you for stretching me, I’ve found my strength and I’m willing to break boundaries because you taught me excellence.

I wasn’t perfect during my stay at Pinefield schools but I sure learnt to do my best as you’ve taught us all to work in diligence.

Thank you for being a tool for remodeling. Thank you for being a Grandmother. Thank you for all the scoldings🙈.

Thank you for your evident love you showed me.


Thank you for believing in me 💕😊💕

Words aren’t enough so I’ll continue my appreciation by never loosing all the values you have instilled in me.

Your name will continually ring a bell in my heart.

God bless you Mrs. Fadipe.



Ms Blessing Efosa

Key Stage 2 Teacher

January 2019 – July 2021