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Pinefield Schools

Pinefield schools is a co-educational, multicultural, non-denominational Christian school open to all religious backgrounds that inevitably makes it a family – oriented school.

The school sits majestically on a 1.8 hectare site located in a serene part of Lekki Phase 1. Visitors to the school are awestruck by the spacious environment that is undoubtedly conducive and essential for the social and academic development of the young minds we nurture.

Our leaning environment is warm and homely with small class numbers which enable each teacher to give individuals, personalized support required by each child to develop to their full potentials. We have also successfully; integrated special needs programme for leaning support to gift and talented children.

From our excellent school facilities, we offer learning as follows:

  • Early Foundation Year Stage which consists of the Pre- School and Nursery. The Montessori Curriculum is offered at the Nursery level.
  • English National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2 offered to our Primary Students iun year 1 – 6
  • English National Curriculum Key Stages 3 and 4 offered to our College student in Year 7 – 11.