Primary Coordinator

M rs. Henrietta Atselimhe is a Public Administration degree holder from Lagos State University; she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from The National Open University of Nigeria; a Certification in Early Years Foundation Stage from The NDNA, United Kingdom as well as a degree in Pastoral and Transformational Leadership from the Prestigious Redeemer’s International Leadership Academy.

As an educationist, for almost a decade, she has worked with children from diverse backgrounds in Literacy, especially applying the British, Nigerian and Montessori curriculums effectively. She is committed to providing in-depth support and supervision to children and is extremely proficient in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning whilst ensuring that the required curriculum is applied.

As a coach and alumna mentee of the Chosen Vessels Empowerment Foundation, she has mentored and spoken to youths, teenagers and children in schools. She is very dedicated to using learning assets to foster a positive, productive learning environment through engagement. She has taught in international schools and has taken on various roles including Head of Literacy Department, Primary Coordinator & Head of School